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System Batteries

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Your system uses a 12v DC back-up battery. They are available from us, a battery store or a box stores such as Home Depot. If you purchase one yourself, get a 12v DC with 6 to 8ah capacity. They look like this.

When replacing, use caution as they are heavy. Connect the red wire to the red terminal and black to black.

Put a date on it so you know when you replaced it.

Sensor Batteries

If you have this type, it uses a CR123

Open the sensor from the banded

end. Gently insert a small screw driver

into the slot and twist. Replace the battery and secure cover from

banded end hinging towards the other end. You will see notches inside the cover to help align it.

If you have this type (below), it uses a CR2032. It looks like a coin. Note the

small mark on the side of the sensor. It aligns up with the magnet

to complete the connection. Helpful when you put the sensor back.

Please follow these steps to replace the battery.

1. Gently open cover

2. Pop battery out

3. Replace battery under gold clips first, the

    snap in. See the clips

4. Verify you can see the writing on the battery

5. Align cover, see arrows

6. Snap cover into place. It will be flush all around.